Animals Helped And Their Stories

June 7, 2017

Valiente found with a broken leg ended up in being adopted by a woman from San Pancho

Fluff ball found under a box with a rock on top of it, his neck all shredded from rope, and matted with ticks and fleas.  Adopted by a family in Boston. 

Tito found abused with a big hematoma from a kick, skinny and starving.  Treated and adopted by a couple in San Pancho.

Adopted puppy from a ranch in San Pancho.  New owner took “Chula” from San Pancho to San Francisco, CA, then on to Myconos, Greece.

This dog showed in San Pancho, it was just a puppy about 4 months old then this couple said they were looking for a little yellow lab type dog because they're black lab dog had died we showed them this dog and  they fell in love and now she lives in Florida.

Carlitos now paco. Found starved and abused.  Adopted by a family in Newport RI who came to Mexico to get him.