Welcome to San Pancho Animales

The mission of San Pancho Animales is to eliminate animal suffering primarily in the pueblo of San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico.  We strive to provide education and veterinary services to shape an environment of care and compassion towards animals.

San Pancho Animales comprises a group of volunteers dedicated to providing free spay/neuter services to animals in the community.  We are a USA non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.  Volunteers and a staff of Mexican veterinarians host at least one clinic each year, sometimes two if adequate funds are available.  

We also provide, when needed, emergency services, which include but are not limited to spaying and neutering between clinics, assisting owners with emergency care due to injury or illness, and assistance with food in dire situations, providing foster care when needed and encouraging positive relationships with owners and their companion animals.

We provide adoption services for dogs and cats (and occasionally donkeys, chickens, horses, and cows). We assist people with animals that are adopted and will be traveling out of the country.  This assistance is often payment for required vaccinations, certificates and permits, cages, and sometimes contributions to airfare.

Our involvement with animal rescue has its moments of anguish, but is usually followed by pure joy for the animal being adopted and the wonderful humans who open their hearts to these special cases.  We think it is important for everyone to see how your donations are helping.  Here are but a few photos of recent rescues.

Mission Statement


In February,  SanPanchoAnimales (SPA) completed our most successful Clinic ever!  148 animals were sterilized at the Clinic, 24 - 27 February 2021.  Our mission is on-going to provide education and veterinary services to shape an environment of care and compassion towards animals.

Thanks very much to PEACEAnimals for covering 50% of the cost of the Clinic, paying vet salaries and the cost of medicines.  During the Clinic, Comunicacion Entreamigos conducted an "animal week" of classes to teach children compassionate treatment of animals and the important reason for sterilization.  Entreamigos also provided volunteers to work in recovery at the Clinic.  A special thank you to them for their support!

If we tried to list all the volunteers and friends who donated time, meals, and preparation for the Clinic, we would surely miss someone.  You know who you are, and we send you a collective thank you!  We are very grateful for all your donated time and effort.

And a very special thank you to those in the community who brought their animals and had confidence in our service.  Less starving and unwanted animals is the goal of this program, and your participation and acts of responsibility are very appreciated.

Already, within the first two months of 2021, SPA has sterilized 213 animals and facilitated the rescue and placement of 28 animals.  Should you wish to make a donation to our on-going work, please visit our site at:  https://www.sanpanchoanimales.org/donate.html

192 animals were spayed or neutered in 2020 !

While our involvement in the community of San Pancho is primarily to offer free Spay & Neuter serivces and eliminate animal suffering by reducing the population of unwanted dogs and cats, it gives us great happiness and satisfaction to also work on rescues and adoptions.  In 2020, we have experienced the joy of organizing rescue and new homes for 137 abandoned animals.

Here is just one short story about two very lucky pups!

These two peanuts were born in San Pancho along with four other puppies.  Their mother had been rescued off the street by a family, and they asked SPA to find these two pups new homes.  As you can see these puppies are adorable, and it only took one post on Facebook and they were adopted into their new family in Minnesota.

In addition to all of the regular, ongoing work done by San Pancho Animales, with the help of your donations, we have also been able to contribute bags of dog and cat food to the community on a weekly basis.  In 2020, we distributed 14,600 pounds of animal food for the animals of needy families suffering from lack of steady income during covid-19 crisis.    Total cost of animal food distributed amounted to $12,730 USD.

Thank you for your continued support of San Pancho Animales (SPA).  The successes we enjoy are gratefully shared with all of you who believe in our mission and contribute.