Flight Angels

Being a flight angel is very easy and it saves an animals life!

The more dogs we get back to Canada / USA / Europe, the more we can rescue here!

Plus you get a free ride to the airport (from us).  When you arrive at your destination one of our rescue partners is waiting when you land to take the animal.  No inconvenience at all, and in most cases you get to cuddle a sweet little pup on your way home.

We need flight angels to almost anywhere in the US or Canada and yes, sometimes Europe.  Please fill in the details regarding your flight leaving Puerto Vallarta and we will reach out if we have a match!

And if you would like to see some of the dogs that need rides check our Face Book page: San Pancho Animales.    So please, open your heart to help one more rescue by filling out the information below:  (prefer a one week notice before flight date).

Note: Remember to tell us your flight destination!

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