San Pancho Animal Rescue

San Pancho Animales has been part of a number of animal rescues and adoptions, all of them having their moments of pure joy.  This recent placement to a "forever home" had several of us shedding a tear.  Here is Lunita’s story:

Her human mother, Paula, was admitted to San Pancho Hospital this past August with advanced diabetes.  Lunita camped out at the Hospital entrance and tried sneaking in every chance she could to see her owner.  The nurses would take her back outside, feed her, and that’s where Lunita stayed. When Paula eventually needed to be transferred to a better-equipped hospital, her wish was that a good home be found for Lunita.  Sadly, Paula succumbed to complications from diabetes and passed away.   Lunita, not knowing this, continued to camp out in the parking lot at San Pancho Hospital, where she was later injured by a car.  The nurses called Drs. Julio and America of San Pancho Veterinary Clinic, and they bandaged her minor scrapes, set her dislocated leg, and fostered her until a permanent home could be found.

Karen Puerini-Razza with San Pancho Animales jumped into action to honor the wish of Paula.  A home was found in Newport, Rhode Island.  It took almost two months to find chaperoned-transportation (in cabin) for Lunita to make the trip North.  There were many starts and failures in trying to arrange a chaperone for Lunita.  Two wonderful samaritans, Kelley and Shawn, complete strangers to our group, volunteered to chaperone her to Boston.  The day before Lunita was to leave Mexico, they had to pick up the required certificates and paperwork at the veterinarian office in San Pancho.  When Dra. America finally handed over Lunita, tears began to fall.  Little Lunita had won the hearts of so many during the adoption process, it was so hard to finally see her leave.  

On Friday, November 4th, Lunita landed in Boston and met her new family, who is showering her with lots of love and affection.  We think Paula would be very happy.

November 4, 2016