San Pancho Animales Activity Since Last Clinic

October 26, 2016

Since the last clinic in December 2015, donations to the San Pancho Animales fund have paid for 33 cat or dog spay/neuters, 26 animal emergency cases (distressed animal situations),  21 cases of dog sarna/mange treatments and, unfortunately, one dog euthanasia due to failed kidneys in spite of administered emergency medical treatments.  We also  provided much needed dog / cat food in a few instances when owners could not afford to feed their animals.

Whenever possible, we request that pet owners contribute what they can, and those animal costs are not included here.  Direct costs and use of “Friends of San Pancho Animales” funds has amounted to a total of $35,300 pesos since the end of December 2015. That means we are contributing an average monthly cost of $3,500 pesos for local veterinary services to stay ahead of animal needs.

The fund has provided a number of animal sterilizations and emergency animal care that simply would not have happened without your help.   Our next clinic is scheduled for December 7th - December 10th.  Providing spay/neuter services throughout the year between clinics assured us that we would not have to cope with the offspring of those extra thirty-three animals.  Sick and dying animals around the streets of our pueblo are mostly non-existent because of the consistent efforts of San Pancho Animales.

To continue this work between clinics, additional contributions are needed. Please consider that a small donation of only $25US covers the medication and neutering of one animal, we appreciate any amount that you can contribute.  To donate via PayPal, sign into your PayPal account and send the donation to:  or simply click the Donate button below.

(Please mark the donation from "friend and family”).  

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your contributions which contribute to a healthier pueblo for animals and their owners.


in addition, during the past few months we have been there to help with rescue animals.  We often only get the before picture, then the animals are returned to owners and we do not always get an after picture. Here are a few candid photos from past few months: