The fund has provided a number of animal sterilizations and emergency animal care that simply

would not have happened without your help.  In between clinics we support and pay local veterinary services to provide spay/neuter as well as emergency care services throughout the year.

In 2020,  San Pancho Animales (SPA) has been part of 137 rescues, adoptions and emergency interventions for abandoned and starving animals.  SPA helps to provide full medical attention, including vaccinations, health certificates, and even the cost of transportation in really needy situations.

Also in 2020 we provided funds to local vetinararians for 192 Spay or Neuter.   In addition to the 137 animals rescued and relocated to the US or Canada, there were another 93 instances of emergency medical services and/or medications to stray or abandoned animals that were ultimately returned to the owner.

In addition to all of the regular, ongoing work done by San Pancho Animales, with the help of your donations, we have also been able to contribute bags of dog and cat food to the community on a weekly basis.  In 2020, we distributed 14,600 pounds of animal food for the animals of needy families suffering from lack of steady income during covid-19 crisis.    Total cost of animal food distributed amounted to $12,730 USD.  

In 2020, total funds spent on all related San Pancho Animales activities in our community amounted to $47,810 USD

To continue this work between clinics, additional contributions are needed.  Please consider that a small donation of only $20 US covers the medication and neutering of one animal.  

San Pancho Animales is a non -profit 501 (c) (3) recognised by the US IRS.  

Just click the donate button below and mark the donation to "friends and family" so that fees are not accessed.

Please consider donating today!  

Thank you from San Pancho Animales.

Judith Anderson, Irma Curiel Avila, Karen Puerini Razza, Barbara Hart-Kirkwood, Bill Kirkwood, Betty McIntyre,  Sherry Vanstone & Ramon Garcia.

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